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UDI President Initiates Conversation with Public - "We Need More Homes for More People"

Fri, 01/20/2012

Vancouver, BC – The Urban Development Institute (UDI) President, Mr Don Forsgren, yesterday announced that the Institute is inviting the industry, government, community groups and the general public to tackle BC’s housing affordability crisis together in an open forum.  Mr Forsgren’s speech at the annual UDI market forecast luncheon, called on 1200 senior development industry executives to engage in a conversation with the public that will support the need for more homes for more people.

Mr Forsgren said, “Through social media, UDI is providing an open platform for the public to participate in a dialogue on this issue.   We want everyone talking about the solutions to housing un-affordability including community groups and special interests that often oppose our member’s developments.”

“This is about supply and demand, meeting housing supply targets in BC is not enough to solve our affordability problems.  We must exceed supply targets if we are to adequately address a pent-up underlying demand for housing, and improve affordability.” 

Mr Forsgren outlined the industry’s supply-side solutions for the discussion, “Governments’ must redraw existing policy and regulatory frameworks so that the housing market is enabled to respond to the demands of the marketplace.  Red-tape must be slashed and assessment processes overhauled for all development.  We also need the Provincial Government to set the direction for municipalities across BC.” 

Mr Forsgren said, “Provincial taxes and municipal charges on all new development need to be reviewed and made transparent.  Homebuyers and investors deserve to know where the money from government-imposed housing costs is going.  The era of shifting infrastructure costs on to new homebuyers must end.”

Members of the public are invited to put forward their views by visiting the More Homes For More People Facebook page at www.morehomes4morepeople.org or join the Twitter conversation at #morehomes.

The Urban Development Institute is the premier industry body representing over 550 of British Columbia’s leading residential, commercial, industrial and institutional developers. The urban development industry in BC generates $30 billion worth of economic activity and over 250,000 jobs for the Province each year. 



Adrien Byrne