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Board of Directors

Vancouver (Head Office)

Jon Stovell's picture
Jon Stovell
UDI Chair
Reliance Properties (President & CEO)
David Porte's picture
David Porte
UDI Past Chair
Porte Communities (President)
Daniel's picture
Daniel Boffo
UDI Vice Chair at Large
Boffo Properties (Principal)
Neil Chrystal's picture
Neil Chrystal
UDI Vice Chair at Large
Polygon Homes Ltd. (President & CEO)
Beau Jarvis's picture
Beau Jarvis
UDI Vice Chair at Large
Wesgroup Properties (Senior Vice President, Development)
Kevin Layden's picture
Kevin Layden
UDI Vice Chair at Large
Wesbild Holdings Limited (President & CEO)
Brian McCauley's picture
Brian McCauley
UDI Vice Chair at Large
Concert Properties Ltd. (President & COO)
rhsieh's picture
Roque Hsieh
UDI Officer & Treasurer
KPMG LLP (Partner)
amcmullin's picture
Anne McMullin
President & CEO
Sandra Cawley's picture
Sandra Cawley
UDI Director
Burgess Cawley Sullivan & Associates (Partner)
Diane Delves's picture
Diane Delves
UDI Director
Quantum Properties (President & CEO)
Chris Evans's picture
Chris Evans
UDI Director
Onni Group (Executive Vice President)
Don Forsgren's picture
Don Forsgren
UDI Director
Intracorp Projects Ltd. (President & CEO)
Robert Fung's picture
Robert Fung
UDI Director
The Salient Group (President)
horton@shapeproperties.com's picture
John Horton
UDI Director
Shape Properties (President)
Brad Jones's picture
Brad Jones
U40 Chair
Wesgroup Properties (Director of Development)
Mark Lewis's picture
Mark Lewis
UDI Director
Borden Ladner Gervais LLP (Partner & Regional Leader, Commercial Real Estate Group)
Ward McAllister's picture
Ward McAllister
UDI Director
Ledingham McAllister Properties Ltd. (President & CEO)
rob.mccarthy's picture
Rob McCarthy
UDI Director
MOSAIC (Chairman)
David Negrin's picture
David Negrin
UDI Director
Aquilini Development (President)
Gary Pooni's picture
Gary Pooni
UDI Director
Brook Pooni Associates Inc. (President)
houtan's picture
Houtan Rafii
UDI Director
Beedie Development Group (Vice President)
Bob Rennie's picture
Bob Rennie
UDI Director
Rennie Marketing Systems (Principal)
dsimpson's picture
Daryl Simpson
UDI Director
Bosa Properties Inc (Senior Vice-President)
DanT's picture
Dan Turner
UDI Director
PCI Group (Executive Vice President)
Peter Webb's picture
Peter Webb
UDI Director
Concord Pacific Group Inc. (Senior Vice President, Development)
David.Chard's picture
David Chard
UDI Capital Region (Victoria) Chapter Chair
Chard Developments (President)
Andrew.Gaucher's picture
Andrew Gaucher
UDI Okanagan (Kelowna) Chapter Chair
McKinley Beach (Vice President, Sales & Marketing)